MaptunerX Yamaha F60F Stage 1 - 70 Hp

MaptunerX Yamaha F60F Stage 1 - 70 Hp

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60Hp              70Hp
Original    Stage 1
Model year 2005 and up.

Get a powerful performance upgrade with the unmistakable Maptun tuning software!

MaptunerX option:

Plug-in the MaptunerX and let it reprogram the ECU. That's all you need to do to unleash the performance in your Yamaha Outboard. The tuning software is carefully calibrated, tested by our ambassadors and refined using all our knowledge in marine vehicles and engine management.
Our main focus is always overall drivability and” accessible performance” at any time, instead of just peak power.
Programming is performed in a couple of minutes with the MaptunerX and you get free access to all tuning software available for your vehicle once the tuning license is assigned.

Outboard Tune License Option:

Ship us your ECU and we will flash it for you and send it back.

What’s MaptunerX?

The MaptunerX is a handheld programming unit developed by us and made here in Sweden. It’s used all over the world for a wide range of vehicle types for tuning, diagnostics, service, monitoring and logging. By connecting to the vehicle’s ECU the MaptunerX has full access to perform advanced adjustments but still keep all the factory safety features activated. This is by far the best way of tuning a vehicle, but it’s a time-consuming development process for us - but for you it only takes a couple of minutes in an easy step-by-step process. We’ve made all the hard work - so you don’t have to! Connect the MaptunerX, sync it to your MyMaptuner-account, select tuning stage and let the MaptunerX perform the programming. It’s that easy!