MaptunerX Stage 2 179Hp
MaptunerX Stage 2 179Hp
MaptunerX Stage 2 179Hp
MaptunerX Stage 2 179Hp

MaptunerX Stage 2 179Hp

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Stage 2 – Tuning software + BMP Fat Azz Pipe
Delivers 179hp on the crankshaft with peak power at 7800rpm.
Recommended to be used with adjusted clutch kit

BMP Fat Azz Pipe
The industry's first changeable internal stinger for Ski-Doo allows for adjustments for high/low altitude or race application adjustments. Smaller stinger size will increase the pipe pressure and compensate for low pressure at high elevation. In race applications, a smaller stinger will cause the pipe to react much quicker and require less preheating of the pipe on a rev stand.
The pipe comes with 2" stinger designed for sea-level elevation. For mid to high altitudes please contact us.
Big mid-range to peak horsepower gains
A huge amount of R&D time to make the best pipe on the market
Fits into our BMP mufflers or the stock muffler
Easy bolt-on performance
Requires fuel controller and Performance Manifold for peak power
Ceramic-coated finish


MaptunerX Purchase includes:
1 X MaptunerX
1 X Tune License - Includes access to all the tunes and updates
1 X BRP cable for MaptunerX
1 X USB cable for MaptunerX
1 X Ski-Doo bypass cable

Allows you to tune your sled yourself, update your tunes, change tunes, scan/clear codes and reset throttle. Apps available for monitoring, datalogging, resetting service intervals, remove break-in. 

Tune License:
1 X Tune license - requires you to bring your sled to us so we can flash the ECU. Includes access to all the tunes and updates. NOTE: THIS OPTION IS FOR CUSTOMERS WHO BRING THEIR SLED TO US TO FLASH OR ALREADY OWN A MAPTUNERX