MaptunerX Stage 1 170Hp
MaptunerX Stage 1 170Hp
MaptunerX Stage 1 170Hp

MaptunerX Stage 1 170Hp

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Stage 1 – Only tuning software.

The Stage 1 tuning software is calibrated for the northern climate, tested by our ambassadors and carefully refined using all our knowledge in snowmobiles and engine management. The Stage 1 brings more power, mostly in the higher rpm-range, and a very appealing characteristic which Maptun is renowned for.
Our main focus is always overall drivability and ”accessible performance” at any time, instead of just peak power.

Delivers 170hp on the crankshaft with peak power at 7800rpm.
Recommended to be used with adjusted clutch kit but works with OEM-clutch setup as well.

MaptunerX Purchase includes:
1 X MaptunerX
1 X Tune License - Includes access to all the tunes and updates
1 X BRP cable for MaptunerX
1 X USB cable for MaptunerX
1 X Ski-Doo bypass cable

Allows you to tune your sled yourself, update your tunes, change tunes, scan/clear codes and reset throttle. Apps available for monitoring, datalogging, resetting service intervals, remove break-in.

Tune License:
1 X Tune license - requires you to bring your sled to us so we can flash the ECU. Includes access to all the tunes and updates NOTE: THIS OPTION IS FOR CUSTOMERS WHO BRING THEIR SLED TO US TO FLASH OR ALREADY OWN A MAPTUNERX