IsoVibeSX XP XR XM XRS Skidoo Riser Model
IsoVibeSX XP XR XM XRS Skidoo Riser Model

IsoVibeSX XP XR XM XRS Skidoo Riser Model

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New Isovibe SX model designed for snowcross racers and aggressive trail/standup riders. New bushing design absorbs vibration just like the original Isovibe but takes shock absorption to a new level. The new design absorbs shock in the forward and rearward direction just like the original design but now absorbs shock in the vertical and side to side direction.

The main goal for this design was to absorb the shock normally transferred to your wrists, shoulders and arms when landing jumps or hitting hard bumps with one ski. If you've even landed a jump wrong on one ski you've experienced the side to side impact to your wrists that sometimes rips the bars out of your hands. This new Isovibe SX will absorb this impact and keep you in control.

The Isovibe SX has the following features:

  • Will raise your bars by 1.5" or 2.5" over stock depending on how you mount it. If you want to keep your stock handle bar height shorter riser blocks are available from your dealer.
  • Retains the ability to articulate your bars forward or rearward.
  • Adjustable handle bar deflection - simply add or remove shims between the bushings to increase or decrease the side to side deflection. Add or remove shims on the top and bottom sides of the bushings to increase or decrease the front to back deflection. Optional durometer bushings will be available to fine tune your Isovibe SX to your personal preference

Fits all Skidoo models and X package sleds that come with a Skidoo factory aluminum riser block. Works on the Lynx too.

Skidoo has two different risers blocks, one designed for 7/8" diameter bars and one for 1 1/8" diameter bars. Our ISO-SDOOSX fits risers with the standard 7/8" diameter bars, and our ISO-SDFRSX fits the 1 1/8" bar riser block found on Freerides and some other 2012-2016 models like the Summit. Measure the diameter of your handle bars where it clamps to the riser block to determine which Isovibe to order. Please note: the bolt pattern and shape of the risers are different between these 2 models. The spacing on the 2 models is not the same, that is why we have 2 different models.  The Isovibes for the 7/8" bars are only available in black, the Isovibes for the 1 1/8" Freeride style bars are available in black power coat and clear anodize.  Please specify what color you want if you are ordering the 1 1/8" Freeride style of isovibe in the comments section.

We are now stocking both Isovibe models clear anodized that are aluminum colored or powder coated black to match black riser blocks. Chose your color below.

Not compatible with aftermarket riser blocks, designed to work with factory aluminum risers. Does NOT fit with Skidoos adjustable riser that you can purchase in their catalog.

1st and 2nd place teams in 2009 Cain's Quest race equipped with Isovibe SX, many teams also run them in the Iron Dog race in Alaska.

Won't fit sleds with an old style steering post plate.


Scroll to the bottom to see an install video!!!!